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Press Coverage


Video: Chris Huhne says that UK can become net energy exporter

ReCharge magazine, 15th June 2010

Salmond calls for green investment

The Herald, 16 June 2010

Value of offshore renewable energy is revealed

BBC News Online, 19th May

Britain could be big marine energy exporter by 2050

Reuters, 19th May

Offshore green energy could make UK net exporter by 2050

The Guardian, 19th May

UK 'set to lead the winds of change'

The Sun, 20th May

Scottish hopes over renewable energy

Financial Times, 31st May

Offshore energy report could dash defeatist arguments against the rocks

George Monbiot, The Guardian, 20th May

How wind, tide and wave could power Scotland seven times over

The Scotsman, 20th May

Britain's offshore renewable energy worth a billion barrels of oil and 145,000 new jobs

The Independent, 20th May

Landmark study highlights depth of UK offshore resource

New Energy Focus, 19th May

UK May Be Net Offshore Energy Power Exporter By 2050 - Study

Dow Jones Newswire, 19th May

Britain to become renewable energy hub?

uSwitch.com, 20th May

Hopes for 150,000 jobs as energy firms hail North Sea as 'Saudi Arabia of wind'

Yorkshire Post, 20th May

UK renewables are worth £993bn

John Bradbury, oilport.net, 19th May

Marine energy could create 145,000 jobs

The Herald, 20th May